Monday, January 30, 2012

The Monday Morning Paradiddle

As per usual, here's a collection of interesting things for you to check out today:

- The Banff Centre has a long-standing tradition of exceptional Jazz programs, going back to the early 70s. A lot of incredible music has been created in the mountains over the years and I've been very fortunate to have participated in numerous workshops there over the years.

Dave Douglas, the long-time director of the Banff Jazz & Creative Music Workshop (who incidentally will be stepping down after this coming year), offers some inspiring thoughts on the importance of attending and participating in workshops such as this over at his blog Greenleaf Music.

You can learn more about the Banff Centre at:


- My good friend Matt Wilson is poised to release another album with his band Arts & Crafts entitled "An Attitude for Gratitude":

Here's a couple of great interviews with Wilson courtesy of Jason Crane over at the The Jazz Session:


- What am I listening to these days?

Aaron Goldberg Trio "Yes!" - Ali Jackson Jr. (drums)

Susie Ibarra "Drum Sketches" - Susie Ibarra (drums & percussion)

Jim McNeely "Group Therapy" - John Hollenbeck (drums)

Keith Jarrett "Ruta & Daitya" - Jack DeJohnette (drums & percussion)

Brian Blade & Fellowship "Perceptual" - Brian Blade (drums)

Morgan Childs Quintet "Time" - Morgan Childs (drums)

- Thanks to Peter Hum over at jazzblog.ca who turned me on to Aaron Goldberg's album "Yes!" It features some really outstanding playing from Ali Jackson Jr. on drums. Here's a clip of that trio from a hit at Dizzy's in New York City last fall:

- Speaking of piano trios, here's a couple of fine concerts featuring some great trio playing:

Jeff Hamilton/John Clayton/Monty Alexander

Benny Green/Ben Wolfe/Carl Allen

I'm looking forward to this exciting hit on Tuesday.

The Jeff McGregor Trio + 1


Jeff McGregor - Alto Saxophone
Simon Fisk - Bass
Jon McCaslin - Drums

with special guest: Jim Brenan - Tenor Saxophone

Tuesday, January 31

Kawa Espresso Bar
1333 8th St SW
Calgary, AB


No Cover

- Congratulations and all the best to the CBC's Katie Malloch, the host of the program "Tonic", who recently announced her retirement from the airwaves. Peter Hum over at jazzblog.ca wrote a very nice piece over here and Paul Wells offers his thoughts on his blog at macleans.ca here.

I can't stress enough about how indebted I am to Katie and to CBC Radio in general. Much of my early exposure to Jazz music and, most importantly, Canadian Jazz music came from tuning into Katie's program "Jazz Beat", Ross Porter's "After Hours" and Margaret Poitou's show "Easy Street" (that one goes back 20 years!) Let's hope that the CBC continues its support of Canadian Jazz and Jazz music in the wider scope. I never had the opportunity to record a session in Montreal for "Jazz Beat" but Katie very kindly played tracks from my first album "McCallum's Island" on her show quite frequently after it was first released.

I have no idea what her plans are post-CBC, but let's hope that Katie perhaps might consider other avenues to express her passion for Jazz music in Canada (how about joining the ranks of Canada's Jazz bloggers?)

I'm very proud to have had Katie as a spokesperson and advocate for Jazz music in Canada. Thank you Katie for a job well done all these years. Your passion and enthusiasm for the music always shine. Jazz in Canada is certainly at a better place because of you!

- Finally, courtesy of Adam Nussbaum, here is Alex Riel's dog playing the drums!

(dig the nice set of Gretsch drums...that pooch obviously has nice taste in drums)

Hey Ted, get your guys on this!

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  1. Awesome, unfortunately my guys hate drums even more than harmonica!