Monday, May 27, 2024

Q plays in 2

I always make a point of sharing Quincy Davis' video lessons from his ongoing Q-Tips series on YouTube. The information and content that he shares is important, informed and always presented in a very clear and concise manner. His series is highly recommended, in my opinion.

However, I am making a point of sharing this specific video today in which Quincy deals with different approaches to playing in TWO.

I've made an observation over the past few years that a significant number of drummers don't know how to play in "2". I feel that this a very important groove and concept that every aspiring jazz drummer must consider, study and master.

Quincy lays it all out in his wonderful video. Check it out, get to work and keep swinging.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Four on the Floor *Live* featuring Timothy Roberts

Please join us for our next episode of Four on the Floor *Live* happening this Wednesday, May 29th at 7pm MST (9pm EST), appearing on Instagram IGTV @fouronthfloorblog featuring Timothy Roberts.

We'll be talking all about the art of making drums and cymbals and whatever else happens to be on our mind...

Timothy is a professional studio and live musician with 50+ album credits and extensive work as an on-call musician. His passion for sound exploration led him to crafting the instruments that he plays.
Our team consists of only a few highly trained and skilled craftsmen who are all musicians. We have a value that every piece we make is crafted with care and attention to detail. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t (or haven’t) used in musical situations ourselves!

Timothy Roberts Handcrafted Cymbals are made with the highest quality B20 bronze, hand-hammered, and lathed into incredibly expressive and nuanced cymbals for all styles. Whether you have an old cymbal you’d like reworked or you’d like a custom creation, we are dedicated to bringing out the best a cymbal has to offer.

Reverie Drum Co. employs unique drum designs and specs to provide the highest quality sound possible. Our drums are made with thinner shells, minimal hardware, and instrument-grade finishes to enhance the sustain and tone. This allows for smaller sized kits to have incredible beefy and big sounds. These drums are the most inviting and inspirational we’ve played, and we think you’ll agree!

Monday, May 20, 2024

The Monday Morning Paradiddle - May 2024

And...we're back. Hope all is well in your part of the world and thanks for checking in. 

This is the May 2024 edition of The Monday Morning Paradiddle, a more-or-less monthly collection of various items of interest, for your pleasure and enjoyment.

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The Monday Morning Paradiddle - May 2024

1. Another series of great articles from Vinnie Sperrazza's Substack Chronicles including pieces on:

Archie Shepp and Philly Joe Jones

For Tootie Heath and Further Tootie

Swing to Bop: Kenny Clarke at Minton's

2. An article and interview with Billy Hart from KNKX Public Radio

3. Al Foster warms up in the studio before a recording session:


4. Alma Tree, a fantastic percussion trio featuring Bob Moses on drums:


5. John DeChristopher's Live from my Drum Room featuring Adam Nussbaum:


6. Aldo Mazza's Shaping Your Journey podcast featuring Jeff Hamilton:

7. The 80/20 Drummer interviews Quincy Davis...


...and Ed Soph: 


8. Jeff Ballard from a trio hit with the Fly Trio, with Mark Turner and Larry Grenadier:


9. And as always...Joe Farnsworth RIPS! 


10. Samo Salamon interviews Danish jazz drummer Anders Mogensen:


11. Mark Guiliana featured on Go Encore: 


12. As always, Quincy Davis shares the goods with us through his ongoing YouTube series Q-Tips:


13. Ken Micallef offers these two wonderful pieces featuring Tony Williams...

...and the great jazz drummers:


14. Lewis Nash with Sean Jones, paying homage to the Max Roach/Clark Terry drum and trumpet duet "Brushes and Brass":


15. Speaking of brush playing, check out these fantastic sweeps from Martin France:

16. Andrew Cyrille plays his solo drum composition "Laurent":


17. A wonderful feature on the drumming of the late afro-beat Master drummer Tony Allen:


18. Max Roach's "Drum Conversation" 


19. What am I listening to these days?

Fred Anderson and Steve McCall "Vintage Duets" - Steve McCall (drums)

Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana "Taming the Dragon" - Mark Guiliana (drums)

Steve Nelson "A Common Language" - Eric Ineke (drums)

Redman/Mehldau/McBride/Blade "Round Again"- Brian Blade (drums)

Elvin Jones/Jimmy Garrison "Illumination" - Elvin Jones (drums)

Phil Nimmons "The Atlantic Suite" - Stan Perry (drums)

Max Roach and Clifford Brown "Live at the Beehive" - Max Roach (drums)

20. And today's Final Word goes to Ernest Hemingway thanks to Canadian pianist David Restivo, via the Facebook.

"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one becomes a Master"

- Ernest Hemingway

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Four on the Floor *Live* featuring Chad Anderson!

I am going to resume my annual Instagram interview series, at least for a few weeks this Spring. I started doing this back in December 2020 during Covid and have been doing this on and off for four years now.

Please join us for our next episode of Four on the Floor *Live* happening this Thursday, May 23rd at 7pm MST (9pm EST), appearing on Instagram IGTV @fouronthfloorblog featuring the one and only Chad Anderson!

We'll be talking about drums, drumming, drummers, cymbals and whatever else happens to be on our mind...

Monday, May 13, 2024

Geoff Clapp TEARS IT UP!

Thanks to Timothy Roberts of Reverie Drums for sharing these fantastic videos of Geoff Clapp playing and discussing the nuances of Tim's very fine artisan drums and cymbals. Tim is the real deal and doing incredible work these days. Check him, his drums and cymbals out here: www.reveriedrums.com

Clapp is a good friend and he always takes time to answer my texts back and forth. I've learned a lot from him, spending several Zoom sessions with him over the years, taking lessons on aspects of groove. His understanding of New Orleans drumming is deep. He teaches from lived experience and he's a really great educator. If you get a chance, find a way to connect with Dapper and you won't regret it!

Check him out and Timothy Roberts' drums and cymbals here:




Craig VanDerSchaegen also recently interviewed Geoff for his wonderful podcast series and blog The Practicing Drummer so make sure to check this out as well: