Monday, May 28, 2012

The Monday Morning Paradiddle

It's been a few busy days here having participated in the first annual National Jazz Summit here in Calgary, a full day of workshops on Saturday and then a quick jaunt up to Edmonton to play at the Yardbird Suite for Ralf Buschmeyer's "Jazz Speak" CD release.

-A few more thank you's and shout out's are in order today to several great people I've had the pleasure of working with over the course of the past week:

Oliver Jones
Jim Brenan
Rubim de Toledo
Viijay Iyer
Dean McNeill
Ian Menzies
Andrew Moskar
Candace Elder
Tim Tamashiro
Ralf Buschmeyer
Doug Organ
Jeremiah McDade
Andrew Scott
Kevin Willms
Jonathan Bell and the students from E.P. Scarlett High School

-Here's a great clip of drummer Lewis Nash in action with alto saxophonist Antonio Hart and Michael Dease on trombone from a hit at the Blue Note with the Jimmy Heath big band:

-And here's a dynamic solo from Ian Froman (with a little help from Brad Turner!)

-Drummer Ralph Peterson Jr. turns 50 this week and celebrates the release of a new sextet CD. Check out this article on Ralph's recent happenings:


And this podcast interview with Ralph:


btw- if you haven't seen Ralph's latest instructional DVD from jazzheaven.com buy it NOW !!!

-Thanks to CBC Music Online, here's a great interview with Jack DeJohnette who recently turned 70 and was named an NEA Jazz Master:


-What am I listening to these days?

Joe Pass/Ray Brown/Milt Jackson/Mickey Roker "Quadrant" - Mickey Roker (drums) & Milt Jackson (vibraphone)

Elvin Jones/Jimmy Garrison Sextet "Illumination" - Elvin Jones (drums)

Jo Jones "The Jo Jones Trio" - Jo Jones (drums)

Oliver Jones "A Class Act" - Ed Thigpen (drums)

Rob Frayne & Chris McCann "Calypsony" - Chris McCann (drums)

Derrick Dickens "Search for the Cobra - Drum Duets" - Derrick Dickens & Matt Wilson (drums)

Thelonious Monk "Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane" - Shadow Wilson (drums)

-I've got a lot of interesting stuff on the go over the next while. If you are interested in hearing me play around town over the next month, here my are my upcoming gigs for the month of June:


1- Drum Workshop - Banff, AB

2 - Hosting the Broken City Jazz Jam (with the McCaslin Vibraphone Project) 3-6pm

2 - Octagone Octet @ The National Music Centre (formally known as Cantos) 7pm

6 - Ralf Buschmeyer Trio - Bragg Creek, AB 12pm

7 - Special guest with the Western Canada High School Jazz studies program 7pm

9 - Jeremy Coates Quartet @ The Beatniq Jazz & Social Club 9pm

18 - The McCaslin/Valdo Vibraphone & Bass duet project - Waves Coffee House (Calgary West location) 7:30pm

20 - The McCaslin Vibraphone Project (featuring pianist Lorna MacLachlan) - ProArts Noon Hour Music Series @ The Church of the Redeemer 12pm

20 - The Calgary Creative Arts Ensemble - Leacock Theatre, Mount Royal University

22 - Phil Dwyer Trio @ The Beatniq Jazz & Social Club 9pm

23 - The McCaslin Vibraphone Project - The Belfry 7pm

28 - The Jeff McGregor Trio - Kawa Espresso Bar 8:30pm

30 - Shane Statz Quartet "Plays Sonny Rollins" @ The Beatniq Jazz & Social Club 9pm


8 - 14 - Prairielands Summer Jazz Camp (Regina, SK)

Thanks again for visiting Four on the Floor and have a great week everybody!

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