Monday, February 26, 2024

A Practical Approach to Rudimental Drumming - Carmen Intorre Jr.

Carmen Intorre Jr. recently released his new book A Practical Approach to Rudimental Drumming. I recently purchased a copy soon after its release and have been working through it lately. Carmen has compiled a wonderful collection of exercises to practice that will undoubtedly improve your technique and musical approach to the snare drum if you take the time. I believe that learning the fundamentals of rudimental drumming is an essential part of any drummer and percussionists training and that this book compliments and adds to the important body of rudimental publications that already exist.

Carmen was nice enough take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his new book.

A Practical Approach to Rudimental Drumming by Carmen Intorre Jr. - February 2024

1) Tell us all about your new book!                                

The title of my book is A Practical Approach to Rudimental Drumming. This book is my attempt at helping drummers learn the rudiments and how to apply them around the kit. A major goal of my book is to state the importance of learning and mastering the rudiments. They are essential. In order to have a strong foundation you must learn the rudiments. Having a strong foundation will enable you to grow and achieve your goals on the drums. Think of the importance of learning rudiments in the same way pianists or other instrumentalists learn scales. In the book I introduce different ways to learn and orchestrate rudiments around the kit in hopes to spark ones imagination and creativity.

A 2011 GRAMMY® nominee for his co-producer credit on the critically acclaimed album by Joey DeFrancesco entitled Never Can Say Goodbye: The Music of Michael Jackson, Intorre also had the pleasure of performing alongside DeFrancesco and Dr. Lonnie Smith on the PBS show Legends of Jazz, hosted by Ramsey Lewis. Receiving both his BM and MM degrees from Juilliard Intorre is always eager to uncover the latest information about music and drumming and to share that information with others. He states, “This is my job. I have to give back what I was given a chance to do.” He goes on to explain, “Music is an opportunity for me to give up my soul, while in the process connecting with the audiences’ souls as well. I want the musicians on the bandstand and the members of the audience to feel uplifted after a performance, to feel great about themselves through the experience that they encountered.”Perhaps one word best describes Carmen Intorre and his music: Joy.

Reminiscent of Billy Higgins, Intorre brings a palpable swing and drive to virtually every bandstand he performs on.

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