Monday, January 1, 2024

The Monday Morning Paradiddle - January 2024

And...we're back.

Thanks for checking in over the holidays and I'd thought start off the year 2024 with a percussive blog post bang. So please enjoy the January 2024 edition of The Monday Morning Paradiddle, my more-or-less monthly jazz drumming variety column. 

Hey, I'm going to be in New Orleans this week, attending the Jazz Education Network's annual JEN Conference. It's my first time attending this conference and this will also my first time in the Crescent City. So if you are also going to be there please drop me a line and I'd be delighted to connect. Check my social media feeds (Instagram @fouronthefloorblog in particular) for regular updates.

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The Monday Morning Paradiddle - January 2024

1. When someone says that Jazz is Dead these days, I usually shake my head but I'm actually often curious as to what they are listening to (or more importantly, what they aren't listening to!) Tim Mah's annual list of recommended Canadian jazz albums (see last week's blog post) always highlights the great things happening up here in the Great White North. Please take a read and check out some amazing new music.

Similarly, Ottawa's Peter Hum is also on the pulse of current happenings in Canadian jazz so please check out his excellent year-end list here as well, found in the Ottawa Citizen.

2. A wonderful article and tribute to the late Tony Oxley from the always informed and articulate Vinnie Sperrazza


3.  Allison Miller interviewed by The Midnight Disease, The Jazz Session and the Working Drummer Podcast on the heels of her incredible new release Rivers of Our Veins

4. And also from Matthew Crouse's Working Drummer Podcast this fantastic interview with Ra Kalam Bob Moses

5. Award-winning drummer, author, historian and educator Daniel Glass interviewed by The Drummer's Pathway

6. A fascinating piece from the CBC on the late Charlie Watts' collection of drums including those owned and played by Max Roach, Joe Morello and Tony Williams

7. Thanks to Craig VanDerSchaegen who shared this fantastic interview with Billy Higgins:

Here's what Ron Carter had to say about Billy Higgins: 

8. Time to Connect interviews Johnathan Blake:

9. Nasheet Waits on Max Roach:

10. My teacher and mentor John Riley interviewed by The Back of the Band Room:

11. Some wisdom from Lewis Nash:

12. Kenny Washington returns to the Drum Candy Podcast:

13. It wouldn't be a Monday Monday Paradiddle without some videos from Quincy Davis' excellent ongoing Q-Tips series:

14. Marcus Gilmore takes a spin on his Sonor drums:

15. Willie Jones III with Roy Hargrove, Michael Brecker and Herbie Hancock:

16. Thanks to the prolific Todd Bishop over at Cruiseship Drummer who hipped me to this duet of Peter Erskine and Bob Mintzer from the album Hymn:


17. Kyle Poole unleashes on a spirited version of Cherokee:

18. Okay dig this...Art Taylor playing trio with John Coltrane and Paul Chambers circa. 1958:


19. What am I listening to these days?

Duke Ellington "Money Jungle" - Max Roach (drums)

Nate Smith "Pocket Change" - Nate Smith (drums)

Dexter Gordon "Our Man in Paris" - Kenny Clarke (drums)

Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band "Rumba Buhaina" - Steve Berrios (drums)

Peter Erskine Trio "As It Was: ECM Old and New Masters Series" - Peter Erskine (drums)

20. And today's Final Word comes from the great Victor Lewis:

“You just got to be cool. And if you’re not cool, then you should be cool. Because THAT’S COOL!”

- Victor Lewis 

(via Vancouver's Bruce Nielsen)

As always, when the Masters speak, we listen.

Thank you for all your continued support and hope to see you all in the year ahead 2024 (which will incidentally also be the 15th anniversary of this blog!)

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