Monday, January 11, 2021

The Monday Morning Paradiddle - January 2021

Welcome back! Here is the first issue of the Monday Morning Paradiddle variety column for 2021. People were sharing a lot of great stuff via social media over the holidays so here's my hit list of some things to check out and perhaps even offer a distraction (if only for a moment...) from all the craziness happening in the world today.

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1) Interested in learning something? 

Well, if your answer is yes, then definitely check out these two upcoming on-line courses via Zoom:

I highly recommend enrolling in Ian Froman's four-session long Contemporary Jazz Drumming Listening Class, offered by The Collective.

Also check out Vinnie Sperrazza's well researched and multi-part History of American Drumming, 1890-2020.

Both of these courses start this week. There is great information out there, being offered by people who really know what they are talking about. Grab it while you can.

2) I am also really looking forward to watching these two documentaries on Paul Motian and Milford Graves:

Motian In Motion_TRAILER from Michael Patrick Kelly on Vimeo.

Milford Graves Full Mantis from Full Mantis on Vimeo.

3) Here's a feature on Jerry Granelli from CBC Radio's Ideas in a piece entitled "Jazz is just a reflection of life: The musical genius of Jerry Granelli" 

Granelli is also featured in this episode of the Drum History Podcast

4) UNT's Quincy Davis is back at it again with more instalments of his wonderful Q-Tip series:


Don't miss my upcoming interview with Quincy! 

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Hey Q, nice sticks!

5) Joe Farnsworth is back with yet another awesome episode of It's Time to Swing, this time featuring the drummers, percussionists and rhythms of Latin America and beyond:


6) Jason Marsalis, Shannon Powell and Herlin Riley (aka The New Orleans Groovemasters) offer this swinging collaborative version of Cherokee:


 7) Herlin Riley interviewed by Clifford Koufman:


8) Ari Hoenig offers this great ride cymbal lesson:


9) Billy Drummond recently featured on the Gretsch Afternoon Drum Break, interviewed by Neil LaFortune:


Here's some great footage of Billy in action with the late Frank Kimbrough on piano and Dezron Douglas on bass:


I was very sad to hear about Frank Kimbrough's recent passing. I didn't know Frank very well but he was very kind to me during my brief time in New York City, back in 2004. I made a point of watching him play with the Jazz Composer's Collective every single night of their week-long run at the Jazz Standard and I really enjoyed our post-gig conversations (mostly outside the club on the sidewalk while he puffed on his cigarette while we talked about music). He was also the one who opened my ears to the music of Herbie Nichols and he was very generous with his time, knowledge and wisdom during our subsequent correspondences via e-mail.

10) Jeff Tain Watts interviewed by Henry Hey:


11) Edu Ribeiro continues with his excellent Drum Conversations YouTube series, presented by Open Studio. Check out these two recent episodes featuring Terri Lyne Carrington...


...and Joe LaBarbera:


12) An older piece but here's the ever musical and creative Larnell Lewis and Mike Downes playing an electric bass and percussion duet on "Ode to Lucky Luke":


13) Chick Corea on drums!


14) Samo Salamon interviews Matt Wilson:


15) What am I listening to these days?

Hank Jones "Compassion" - Alan Dawson (drums)

Joe Lovano "Quartets" - Lewis Nash & Billy Hart (drums)

Dizzy Gillespie "Duets" - Charli Persip (drums)

Christian McBride, Roy Hargove & Stephen Scott "Parker's Mood"

Christian McBride, Mark Whitfield & Nicholas Payton "Fingerpainting"

Joel Haynes Trio "The Time is Now" - Joel Haynes (drums)

Kahil El'Zabar & Billy Bang "Spirits Entering" - Kahil El'Zabar (drums & percussion)

Jeff Cosgrove "Conversations with Owls" - Jeff Cosgrove (drums)

16) And today's Last Word goes to....me!

Henry Beaumont (1932-2021) was Calgary's greatest jazz fan and although he admitted to me that he didn't care much for drum solos, he did enjoy my brushwork (and I was always happy to oblige). He then told me about the time he saw Kenny Clarke play with Horace Silver, Percy Heath and Milt Jackson! 

Anyways, thank you Henry and this one is for you...

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