Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm very proud to announce that my latest album entitled "Sunalta" is finally now available on the Cellar Live jazz record label!

This new CD contains all my own original compositions and features the incredible talents of:

Brad Turner - trumpet
Phil Dwyer - tenor saxophone
Tilden Webb - piano
Jodi Proznick - bass

and special guests on two septet numbers:

Steve Kaldestad - alto saxophone
Rod Murray - trombone


Different Mountains
Fort San
Farmer's Vacation
Hymn to Ninkasi (for Herbie Nichols)
Scout's Own
Section 28
Marmalade Margaret (composed/arranged by Paul Read)
The Runaround
Shuffle G

If you are interested in purchasing a copy please send me an email and I'll set you up or visit for more information.

I've been writing and preparing for this album for almost ten years now, basically since my 2003 debut release "McCallum's Island" (send me an e.mail and I'll set you up with one of those as well!)

I hope you all enjoy listening to this record as much as I did making it!


  1. Am listening to the new album (which I purchased as a download) and love it. Your time-keeping is superb. Great work. And what are you working on for the next ten years?

  2. Thanks Richard!
    Don't worry...I've got several projects in the works. It won't be ten until the next one!

  3. hey Jon, broken link above, to where can i get this record? and how do i get my hands on your first piece? we want to come to your show on friday but we're having trouble getting childcare--working on it....

    chris & carolynn