Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Canadian Jazz Archives

Thanks to the kind people over at Toronto's jazz.fm radio station, they have archived some great Canadian concerts, documentaries and interviews over at www.canadianjazzarchive.org

There are many great live, recorded concerts going back to the 70s and it's a great opportunity to hear the likes of drummers such as Terry Clarke, Bob McLaren, Claude Ranger, John Sumner, Marty Morell, Ted Warren and many others:  http://www.canadianjazzarchive.org/en/concerts.html

There are also several radio documentaries worth checking out that feature many iconic Canadian Jazz artists here: http://www.canadianjazzarchive.org/en/documentaries.html 

The real gem, however, for me is the collection of archived radio interviews with many of the great, legends of Jazz music:  http://www.canadianjazzarchive.org/en/interviews.html

This is a great website/resource and props to who ever thought of coming up with this one. I have to admit that the content is obviously very Toronto-centric however I appreciate the vision and foresight to preserve these recordings and interviews. I think the CBC could take a page from jazz.fm's book given how much material they've also recorded over the years...wouldn't it be great to be able to access all those Jazz Beat sessions that Clare Lawrence produced over the years?

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