Monday, July 26, 2010

The Monday Morning Paradiddle

Today marks the first of a new weekly column here at Four on The Floor.

The Monday Morning Paradiddle will be my weekly editorial on whatever random topics and assorted ideas I happen to be musing about relating to Jazz, music, drumming or whatever...

-Thank you to everyone who came out to my quintet gigs this past Friday and Saturday evenings at the Beatniq Jazz & Social Club in Calgary. The band really played great, captured the essence of my original compositions and stretched out really nicely. The crowds were enthusiastic and I hope to do more playing with this great group of musicians in the future.

-How about those Riders? A bit of a humbling loss to the hometown Stampeders over the weekend but I think a good team like the Riders has to learn how to lose as much as it does learn to win in order to get the job done. I'm sure Darian Durant and the crew will learn from this and bounce back next week against the Hamilton Ti-Cats. Go Riders !

-I've really been enjoying the drumming of drummers Dick Berk, Victor Lewis and the late Tony Reedus lately. Very fine drummers who aren't household names but yet really know how to make whomever they are playing with sound good. Inspiring examples to follow...In particular the albums that Victor Lewis recorded with Canadian saxophonist P.J.Perry are text book examples of how to be a perfect accompanist on the drums with a band. Victor Lewis is also a very accomplished composer in his own right. Thanks for Jerome Jennings who turned me on to Victor's drumming.

-If you are into summer movies, may I recommend "Despicable Me". The minions are hilarious ! I downloaded the iPhone app.

- Speaking of other movies, check out drummer Tommy Igoe's latest drum instructional DVD "Great Hands For A Lifetime". Igoe is a great teacher and he breaks down hand technique in a very concise and practical manner. Lots of great information there and enough things to practice....for a lifetime !

Here's a teaser:

-I'm off to teach in Red Deer, Alberta this week for the annual MusiCamp Alberta summer workshop at Red Deer College. Looking forward to teaching and playing with the distinguished faculty and students this upcoming week.

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