Saturday, July 31, 2010

Matt Wilson & George Marsh

Some footage today of jazz drumming visionary Matt Wilson from a recent residency at Sonoma State University.

Here's Wilson in a duet with drummer George Marsh ( author of the text "Inner Drumming"):

And here's Matt playing with a group of students:

Here's an interview with drummer/author George Marsh where he talks about his unique drum method:

And here's another short (but sweet!) clip of Matt Wilson trading with John Scofield from a recent hit at New York's Iridium:

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  1. Great clips, as usual. I was at Iridium for the first set Monday night. I hadn't heard Matt before and don't know how often he works with Scofield, but he knew the tunes inside and out and played everything with intensity, sensitivity, creativity and even humor; he teased a wide variety of sounds out of his kit. Best of all, Scofield really seemed to enjoy watching Matt's solos.