Friday, July 16, 2010

Allison Miller

I've been buying a lot of music off of iTunes lately to keep me entertained during my travels across Canada during the past few months. We are really lucky to have so much good music available at our fingertips. There's nothing like a good infusion of fresh music to inspire and keep one motivated....especially when one is on the go, waiting in airports, ferry terminals and driving along seemingly never ending stretches of the number one highway. A number of my students last week were asking me "what do you listen to?". I will try to elaborate on that very important question in another future post as to what artists and albums have been making the rounds in my iPod and CD player lately.

One drummer/composer that recently came to my attention and impressed me was New York-based Jazz drummer Allison Miller.

Miller is a fine contemporary Jazz drummer and composer who approaches the music with creativity, musicality and authority. She has worked with a number of New York's leading Jazz musicians and she also tours extensively with singer/songwriters Ani DeFranco and Natalie Merchant, among others. According to her blog she was also slated to tour with the Lilith Fair this summer but no more since that tour was essentially cancelled (disappointing - a sign of the times perhaps?)

Anyways, check out Allison Miller's very happening albums as a leader "5am Stroll" and "Boom Tic Boom" if you get a chance:

You can learn more about her career and great music at her website:

Here's a few shots of Miller with her own group and as a sideman doing her thing:

And finally, a simple but important set of drum exercises written by Miller in this article entitled "The Melody Puzzle", designed to encourage one to think more melodically while drumming:

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