Friday, April 29, 2011

Elvin Jones - Different Drummer

Today's post features the documentary "Elvin Jones - Different Drummer":

This documentary (which from what I understand may be out of print...) is an important resource for all Jazz drummers to check out. I still have my VHS copy that I purchased in high school and it was the perfect companion to my introduction to the drumming of Elvin Jones and his playing with John Coltrane. There are some great moments in this movie, especially the footage showing him playing with saxophonist Pat LaBarbera who is absolutely BLAZING and then breaking down his approach to drum soloing using the melodic structure to "Three Card Molly". There is also some nice footage of Elvin playing time with the brushes at the very end of while the credits roll. This one is certainly a must have.

The problem is that I now longer own a VHS player and I can't seem to find this on DVD!!! Fortunately someone posted this on Thank you!

Oh yes, I believe I saw also those exact same yellow drums on display at Steve Maxwell's in New York City last month.

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