Saturday, April 2, 2011

DeJohnette Supreme

Jack DeJohnette recently posted this clip via his Facebook page of his solo performance from the 2009 PASIC conference in Indianapolis. I was there and it was incredible...

I'd also like to quote from a recent Downbeat magazine article in which Jack was named Drummer of The Year in their annual critics poll. With regards to his "melodic" approach to playing the drums:

"Another important aspect to DeJohnette's talent is how his piano playing and writing impact his drumming and music. Referring to both, he says,"They help me think more orchestrally. Add to that, I've been referred to as being one of the most melodic drummers around. That might have to do with tuning the drums in a melodic way so that every time I play one of the components on my kit, there's always melody happening. I'm always thinking in terms of composition. Playing the piano and writing helps me do that, and then I have a better overall sense of what's going on in the music. It also helps me to know how best to complement a composition and the soloist with their improvisation. And the instrumentalists know I can hear everything they're playing and where they're coming from. They have that trust that I will be there supporting them."

Quite revealing!

Furthermore, here's apparently what Jack practices before hitting the road (borrowed from another recent series of posts of his over at the Facebook):

"Here are some CDs I play with to get me in shape for a tour:

- Ready for Freddie/Freddie Hubbard
- Inception/McCoy Tyner
- Live at the Village Vanguard and Giant Steps/John Coltrane
- Four and More/Miles Davis"

"I'd like to add The Real McCoy/Mcoy Tyner and for playing real fast tempos I highly recommend Study in Brown/Clifford Brown & Max Roach Quintet. Max Roach plays the fastest tempos I've ever heard. This is because Max had to play those tempos with Charlie Parker and Dizzy. It's easy to play real fast but you have to be very relaxed to do it!

"Here is some more music I like to play along with and listen to.

- In and Out/Joe Henderson
- Smokin/Miles Davis Quintet
- The Young Philadelphians/Benny Golson
- Sonny Rollins at The Village Vangaurd with Bob Cranshaw and Don Cherry. It's incredible!"

So there you go !

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