Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Acoustic Brecker Brothers

Not a terribly long clip here today but a nice reminder of a concert I saw a number of years ago in Montreal:

Michael Brecker was the special Jazz festival feature artist during the 2001 Montreal Jazz Festival. I caught most of his shows that week, each night featuring a different group. Every night was great.

The group that knocked me out and surprised me the most was billed as the "Acoustic Brecker Brothers" featuring Michael Brecker with his brother Randy on trumpet and a killing rhythm section with David Kikoski on piano, Peter Washington on bass and Carl Allen on drums. It was very cool to hear all the classic Brecker Brother's hit tunes played with a different "acoustic" angle.

There are a few bootlegs of this great group floating around the web but as far as I know this particular group didn't record together.

Fortunately we can still dig this:


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