Sunday, December 27, 2009

Victor Feldman

I've been enjoying this album quite a bit these days. A great straight-ahead date featuring Victor Feldman on vibraphone and piano, supported by the "Original Original" Stan Levey on drums and Scott LaFaro on bass. This album actually represents the only album I've ever heard LaFaro play on outside of the Bill Evans trio dates !

*Note that in addition to being a great vibraphonist and pianist, Victor Feldman was a very accomplished drummer as well (!) Yep, he was one of THOSE guys...maybe he's related to Don Thompson !

Here's a couple of samples from that album:

Some brisk tempos there ! Smooth sailing...

Speaking of which...
Stan Levey looks quite cute in the sailor hat, wouldn't you agree ? Of course, I would never have said that to his face back in the day. Stan, in addition to being one of the greatest bebop drummers of his time (at one point he was Max Roach's roomate!), he was also a very competent boxer and didn't take any crap from anyone !

But I did actually meet Stan Levey at the 2005 IAJE convention in Long Beach, California and he was very nice to me then (sans the sailors cap of course!). He had a booth promoting a great DVD documentary produced about his life entitled:
"Stan Levey: The Original Original"

Check that out here:

Anyways, back to Victor Feldman, there is also some nice live footage floating around youtube of Feldman in action:

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