Monday, December 7, 2009

Lewis Nash with Joe Lovano & John Pattitucci

Some bad ass brush playing today from master drummer Lewis Nash playing in trio with some of my favorite musicians:
Joe Lovano and John Patitucci.

Joe recently had an accident in Europe and, I believe, broke both his arms (!)

Lovano has always been one of my favorite contemporary jazz saxophonists and he really understands the jazz tradition inside and out. He isn't afraid to push his boundaries and explore the musical unknown while at the same time reflecting and respecting the history of jazz saxophone. Certainly a great role model for all of us young, aspiring jazz artists.

He's also a REALLY good drummer (most great jazz tenor players are !!!) and I discovered this when I had the opportunity to play with Joe about ten years ago. Apparently he's got quite the collection of gongs and sounds a bit like Elvin Jones when he plays. Funny, most of the tenor players I know who play the drums.....all sort of sound like Elvin !!! (i.e. Michael Brecker, Dave Liebman, etc.)

There is certainly a lot to be said for all instrumentalists learning a bit of drums to help improve their sense of rhythm and time. Studying the piano has long been a standard practice for music majors. Isn't it about time that everyone who studies jazz should be required to pick up a pair of sticks and learn some basic concepts of jazz drumming? Obviously guys like Lovano, Brecker and Liebman have all figured this out ! Anyways, this could be the beginning of a rant that maybe I'll save for later (ha!). I still need to get some more practicing in today...

Get well soon Joe !

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