Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Elvin Jones with Earl "Fatha" Hines

And...we're back!

Things are busy and on the go these days (seems to be a trend these days but I'm not complaining!) and now I'm finally back home and catching up after a very productive and inspiring weekend playing in Vancouver. I had the time of my life playing my music with my quintet at the Cellar over the weekend, promoting my latest album "Sunalta". I also spent a very productive Sunday afternoon recording with pianist Tilden Webb and bassist Jodi Proznick over at Brad Turner's recording studio and I'm looking forward to hearing the results from that.

A few people I would like to thank and who deserve a quick shout-out:

Cory Weeds & the staff at the Cellar Jazz club
Brad Turner
Phil Dwyer
Tilden Webb
Jodi Proznick
Tristan Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Webb
Terry Deane & the staff at Pizzeria Barbarella
Nou Dadoun
Brent Mah
Jeremy Price
Scott Wannop
Dave Robbins
Jesse Cahill

Anyways, back our regularly scheduled programming...here's a few audio files via youtube.com that feature Elvin Jones with Earl "Fatha" Hines on piano and Richard Davis on bass from a 1966 date entitled "Here Comes Earl "Fatha" Hines":

This date came as a pleasant surprise to me and I'm going to make a point of finding the entire recording either on CD or LP. These cuts are another testament to Elvin's exceptional brush playing (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he played the whole record date with just his brushes - I'll guess I'll have to wait to find out!)

Another similar record date that comes to mind is Tommy Flanagan's "Overseas" which is another earlier piano trio outing that features Elvin on brushes. Also highly recommended.

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