Monday, May 21, 2012

The Adderley Brothers

Well, it's been a busy long weekend over here at Four on the Floor. Thanks to everyone who came out to my CD release at the Beatniq on Friday and Saturday nights. The band played great and your support is much appreciated. If you are interested, you can purchase my new album Sunalta

Just a few thank you's and a quick shout-out to:

Gordon Fick
Andrew Noakes
Kat Dorian at CJSW
Brad Turner
Jim Brenan
Rubim de Toledo
Tom Van Seters
Rob Young
Gerry Hebert
The staff at the Beatniq Jazz & Social Club
David Ward
Tim Tamashiro
John DeWaal
Kodi Hutchinson

Since today is a holiday (Victoria Day up here in Canada) just sit back and enjoy this one of the Adderley brothers from a Jazz Casual television spot featuring some, as always, great drumming from Louis Hayes:

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