Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Matt Wilson - Solos: The Jazz Sessions

More great footage today of the master rhythmatist & sound sculptor Matt Wilson in action. This time in a variety of improvised solo spots filmed by director Daniel K Berman for a television series entitled Solos: The Jazz Sessions, produced for the Bravo! channel on Canadian television.

There are several GREAT episodes in the series, all featuring many of the world's leading jazz artists, all performing in an improvised SOLO setting. This was a great idea ! Make a master jazz musician comfortable in a nice setting, let him/her do there thing and film it. Brilliant.

You can also find out more about this great series and even order DVDs from the website here:

Check out all the heavyweights that contributed to this series !

The Matt Wilson episode is great but I also recently acquired the Matt Wilson/Lee Konitz duet DVD from the same series as well and that is really something else. Matt and Lee have a musical relationship going back several years and it shows. I've also enjoyed their duologue on this particular album:

Incidentally, all the features for the Solo sessions were filmed at the Berkeley Church & Performance space in Toronto, where I played my first gig in Toronto after moving there in 2007. Of course, the music we were playing for the wedding reception taking place in the Berkeley wasn't nearly as hip as these sessions !

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