Friday, January 1, 2010

Mark Sherman & Tim Horner

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all have a great 2010 ! Welcome back to Four on The Floor and I'm looking forward to another year of posts relating to jazz drumming and other things (like my favorite recipes, among other things...). Thank you for your continued support.

Over the holidays I've had some nice down time and the opportunity to check out some new music and grab lots of great things off the web. These days I'm a big fan of the live streaming video feed from Small's Jazz Club in New York City.

Follow this link:

I check in often and we are lucky to have this great web resource. I'm often amazed at the number of great artists that I'm introduced to via this site aside from the other jazz greats that I get to listen to in real time if I can stay up late enough. They also have a number of shows audio archived for later listening.

One gig I caught not too long ago that caught my attetion featured vibraphonist Mark Sherman with drummer Tim Horner, two great musicians I was not familiar with. I sat up quite late that evening (they were playing the late set !) and enjoyed their set immensely.

Here's some footage of both Mark and Tim in action from a previous gig at the Sweet Rhythm jazz club in New York City, with Joe Magnarelli on trumpet:

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