Monday, February 16, 2015

The Tree-Two New Orleans Clave

I've been checking out Stanton Moore's DVDs and such lately and really dig his breakdown of traditional and contemporary New Orleans Second Line grooves. In particular his use of sticking patterns on the snare drum that use both doubles and single strokes really loosen up the groove.

I've been messing around with these two variations and found them to be very practical in my own playing.

Here's the basic version, with the accents based on a 3-2 Son Clave:

And here's a variation with a slightly different accent pattern that uses a 3-2 Brazilian/Bossa Nova Clave:

Make sure to really emphasize the accents.

And thanks to kind people over at LP Percussion, here's Stanton Moore demonstrating a few more groovy ideas from the Crescent City:

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  1. This hand pattern is from baiao. Stanton used it in his first dvd, but he omit where is the pattern from. I don't know why Stanton have his fame. He's not a good Nola drummer at all. He's too brute, plays hard and with no taste. I say, we talking about Nola, we talk about a tradition, about Ed Blackwell, Barbarin, Bourdreaux, Muhammad, Riley, and so on. He's not a reference from Nola. He want to. But, affortunately, he isn't. I never write Jon, but I allways read your blog. Thanks for blogging (and, at the same time, teaching). Take care.