Monday, June 9, 2014

Peter Erskine on Brushes

Peter Erskine is a great brush player and a great teacher so lucky for us the folks over at Drumeo were nice enough to host and post this lengthy brush lesson with the Maestro himself (although he does start the program with sticks!) There is lots to learn here:

And to put some things into context, here's Peter from a recent appearance right here in Canada from Victoria Drum Fest 2014:

(If you'll notice Peter is also playing one of the new Zildjian Kerope ride cymbals.)

I've also really been digging and practicing along with Erskine's play-a-long Apps currently available on the iTunes App store, all downloaded to my iPhone. The Erskine Jazz Essentials Vol. 1 & 2, Afro-Cuban Essentials, Joy Luck Play-a-Long and The Code of Funk are all very useful resources to practice with. Check them out here:

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