Monday, March 26, 2012

The Monday Morning Paradiddle

Hello friends and thanks again for stopping by. Here's a collection of fun things to check out and to get the week started on a good note:

-Roy Haynes recently celebrated his 87th birthday. Congratulations Mr. Haynes! Here's a great interview with Haynes from a few years ago courtesy of Ted Panken:

-Playing ballad is a real art in itself and a skill that should never be taken for granted nor underestimated. This version of "Body & Soul" featuring tenor saxophonist John Ellis with Kendrick Scott's band Oracle recently caught my attention:

-Much has been already written about Katie Malloch's recent retirement from the airwaves. Here is a great interview with her from CBC's The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright:

Also, someone at the CBC was smart enough to film the tribute to Katie which took place at the Rex Hotel & Jazz Bar in Toronto a few weeks ago. Here is an all-star band of Barry Elmes on drums, Reg Schwager on guitar and Steve Wallace on bass with Don Thompson on vibraphone (hurray!) on Duke Pearson's "Jeaninne":

Here's another from that same show featuring Mark Eisenman on piano with Elmes and Wallace:

Peter Hum has also got a great interview with Katie over at his fine blog over at

-My friend Johnathan Blake recently released a new CD entitled "The 11th Hour". It arrived in my mailbox late last week but I was out of town for the weekend and haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I'm sure it's great!

Here's WBGO's Josh Jackson speaking with Blake about "The 11th Hour":

And here is a nice clip of Johnathan unleashing from a recent performance with pianist Luis Perdomo's trio:

-Courtesy of Joe Farnsworth, here is a nice reminder of how to PLAY the snare drum!!!

-Here's more from Shannon Powell, demonstrating some New Orleans Second Line drumming:

-And to finish off today's post, here's something you don't see everyday -Terry Bozzio playing a four piece kit!

Usually Bozzio plays with a set-up that rivals most drum shops! I actually find this quite inspiring/motivating. Being a four-piece drum guy myself, this is actually motivating me to pull out some more toms and mess around with a bigger set-up. Why not, right? Imagine the possibilities...

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