Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tony Meets Art!

Today's post features a meeting of drummers of epic proportions!

This French concert, featured in its entirety, features the great Art Blakey and Tony Williams working together, backed up by Stanley Clarke on bass and a group of percussionists:

In particular check out their version of Ray Bryant's "Cubano Chant" which I quite enjoyed. This is a great example of two great jazz drummers from different generations making interesting music together. I did the math and Art is about 53 years old in this footage while Tony is around 27...almost half the age of Blakey!

Blakey was obviously a big fan of drummers playing together and gave us several albums on the Blue Note label that featured bands with multiple drummers and percussionists. We don't see jazz drummers collaborate like this very often (although Joe Lovano's "US FIVE" project comes to mind as does Joshua Redman's double trio) but it's certainly an interesting sonic texture worth exploring.

1 comment:

  1. Tony Williams... from the heart,
    I feel something so often when I
    hear him; watching him drop in and
    out so quickly, he really hears so
    much so fast... shades of the later
    'Stanley Clarke" w Tony and Bill Connors,
    Jan Hammer. I appreciate the audience
    engagement for the rawness of the ensemble.
    amateur listener here: the (conga)
    drummers don't seem as conscious of form;
    is Jeremy Steig disoriented in places? ...
    at the same time, he has lots of ideas, maybe without the kind of informed comping and interlocking rhythm section support contemporary players (can) offer now. These
    are real pioneers,to my ears. Apologies if the comments are naive. Stanley Clarke seems like
    a rock. Thanks for posting this footage of younger Tony Williams.