Monday, December 13, 2010

The Monday Morning Paradiddle

Not much to report today, but here's a few things that caught my attention that I'd like to share with you:

-We attended a concert last weekend in Calgary featuring Canadian alto saxophonist P.J. Perry, pianist Bill Mays, bassist Neil Swainson and Terry Clarke on drums (no slouches in this ensemble!) The band played a nice program of swinging "Xmas Jazz" music to a near capacity crowd at Riverside Church. Terry's brush solo on the Gigi Gryce composition "Salute to the Bandbox" was phenomenal (although not quite a Christmas tune, still a great piece that brought back a few memories as I used to play that one with Montreal alto saxophonist Donny Kennedy back in our McGill days!) Special props to local Jazz enthusiast Henry Beaumont who produced this concert.

-A few drum magazines you should check out this month: Modern Drummer has a great feature on educator Michael Carvin and Drumhead Magazine features an extensive and in depth interview with John Riley. Both are very informative and motivating articles. Did you know that John Riley had been offered the gig with Frank Zappa ? I certainly didn't...

-Here's a clip of Ignacio Berroa from last month's PASIC 2010.

Man, what a great time!

You can check out more of Ignacio's PASIC 2010 session here:

-Albums I'm listening to these days:

John Coltrane "My Favorite Things: Coltrane at Newport" - Elvin Jones/Roy Haynes - Drums

Chad Eby "Broken Shadows" - Jason Marsalis - Drums

Stefon Harris & Blackout "Evolution" - Terreon Gully - Drums, Stefon Harris - Vibraphone

Dave Liebman/Mike Murley Quartet "Day & Night" - Ian Froman - Drums

Kenny Barron "What If?" - Victor Lewis - Drums

Miles Davis "Cookin'" - Philly Joe Jones - Drums

Barry Harris "At The Jazz Workshop" - Louis Hayes - Drums

And finally a few great clips that feature some great playing from some great drummers to get us inspired to take on the week ahead:

-Here's Joe Farnsworth with bassist John Webber and Eddie Henderson on trumpet:

Jeff "Tain" Watts unleashing...

And here's Ted "Tain" Warren unleashing with Ralph Bowen from a recent hit at the Rex in Toronto:

(sorry Ted - I "borrowed" this one from his blog post over at Trap'd today....but it's just so darn good!)


  1. You can't have to much Barry Harris!

  2. Thanks for posting it Jon and remember to tell everyone I'm available New Year's Eve! :)