Monday, November 8, 2010

On The Road With The Monday "Morning" (?) Paradiddle

-A little bit late today but I'm typing this post (or most of it anyways!) from the departure lounge of the Regina International Airport and munching on a Tim Horton's bagel with cream cheese while waiting for my flight.

-Thank you to all the educators and nice people who attended my drum set workshops and sessions at the Saskatchewan Music Conference held this past weekend in Saskatoon. I sure appreciated your support and intelligent questions and concerns. Thank you to St. John's Music and Yamaha Canada who sponsored my sessions.

-I also played a wonderful afternoon big band gig with the Bob Moyer Big Band on Sunday in Regina at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. It's always a pleasure to play with that band and also a fun opportunity for me to let my swing chops loose and pretend to follow in the footsteps of the master's such as Jo Jones, Jake Hanna, Mel Lewis and Sonny Payne (I can pretend can't I ???)

-Another good blog post in defence of the rudiments over at Ted Warren's blog worth checking out.

A couple of great vibraphonists to check out today:

-Here's Milt Jackson with Ray Brown, Cedar Walton and the supreme swinger Mickey Roker playing Tadd Dameron's composition "Our Delight":

-And here's a more recent clip of Bobby Hutcherson & Cedar Walton on John Coltrane's "The Wise One":

-Okay folks, I'm off to PASIC 2010 in Indianapolis tomorrow and will blog about my experience in the days to come...lots to come indeed.

Forever onwards !

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