Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jazz Lives In Calgary

With the recent last minute cancellation and demise of the Calgary Jazz Festival, I've been amazed and disappointed at the large amount of negative commentary that has been directed towards the viability of Jazz music and the arts in general in Calgary and Alberta at large.

There are great musicians in this community and there is definitely an audience for this music (and an enthusiastic one at that!)

The bottom line is this: bad business and irresponsible financial decisions can happen anywhere - this whole situation with the festival is NOT a reflection of how Calgarians view Jazz music.

Perhaps we as a musical community can improve on how we build and develop our local audience....but I also think that goes for every city in Canada including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Cindy McLeod has put the word out and organized a march of solidarity for the city's Jazz musicians and fans today at Olympic Plaza starting at 4pm to raise awareness.

Here's a copy of the press release that has gone out:

"Let's lend our voices to celebrating what's right with jazz in Calgary - our incredible pool of talent, fans who've remained loyal through thick & thin, venues who are presenting many of the shows that were cancelled, & media who've consistently spread the message. Bring your instruments & voices join the jazz parade tomorrow, start at 4pm at Olympic Plaza & making it's way to Beat Niq, "Dixie" style."


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