Friday, April 16, 2010

Jimmy Wormworth

Jimmy Wormworth is a great drummer of vast experience that most people don't even know about (!) Fortunately he is still active, working in NYC, plays frequently at Small's and swinging his butt off !

Check out his dynamic sense of swing, shown here playing with tenor titan Grant Stewart:

Some real nice swingin' jazz drumming there. I love the sound and feel he gets from the snare drum during his solo spot - very much from the Philly Joe Jones school of drumming (who maybe got that from Big Sid Catlett?) Great jazz drumming from someone who was there and who has lived it.


  1. Hey Jon
    Great to see this blog! Jimmy's great! We've been talking a lot lately! He really played with some of the ledgends for sure! Hope you are well.
    Mike Melito

  2. Thank you very much,Jon & Mikey,for your very kind & much-appreciated words,guys!! We're all just tryin' t'get down!! I expect that,when our "time" comes,we'll be saying,"Geee,why didn't I try that lick I forgot to try??!!" Love,jw

  3. Great to see Jimmy presented on your blog. He is one of the greats still very much with us ! and playing GREAT!!!!

    Frank Moser

  4. Jimmy, I believe we met on a gig of mine in Syracuse a very long time ago. I am a drummer from Rome NY. I was told about you from a young age and never had the opportunity to check you out. You are tremendous. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Lot's of love from a fan.
    Frank Briggs