Sunday, September 13, 2009


Toronto jazz pianist and Star Trek aficionado Gerry Shatford sent me this great link that has some footage of the jazz percussion ensemble M'Boom.

It's a television spot from a little known music variety show called SOUL! in which the program featured predominately African-American performers.

Here's the link to the footage:

Sorry - I wasn't able to embed this one...

Max Roach founded this innovative percussion ensemble in 1970 as a means to combine traditional concert percussion instruments with world percussion and a distinct "jazz" sensibility.

I purchased the M'Boom album "M'Boom: Live at S.O.B.'s" when I was a teenager and not only dug their unique approach but also the tympani players soloing on "Blue Monk" and the musician who played musical Saw (!)

For more music from this amazing ensemble, check this out:

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