Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Rudiments To Practice...

I came up with these variations on the rudiment commonly known as the "Swiss Army Triplet."
Tony Williams was known for his creative use of this pattern around the drum set during the 70's.

I just recently figured out how to create drum parts and notation on Sibelius after having this great program on my computer for almost seven years now !

So I'm pleased to share my first attempts with you.


The basic idea is that you make the last note of each swiss army triplet an accented flam.

Consequently, the lead hand ends up playing a steady stream of eighth notes with an accent on the first beat.
It's a bit of a chop buster so take it slow and relax.

I'm not an expert, but I think these would be good patterns to apply the Moeller stroke to a rhythmic pattern.

(I'm going to see JoJo Mayer give a clinic next month so I'll see then what he reveals about the fabled "Moeller" stroke)

I've written out this pattern four different ways.

1) Triplets - Right Hand Lead

2) Triplets - Left Hand Lead

3) Eighth Notes - Right Hand Lead

4) Eighth Notes - Left Hand Lead

Okay, now go get your drum pad and get to work !

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